Elemental Adventure, Brown

Elemental Adventure, Brown

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Elemental Adventure, Brown

The Elemental will keep you light on your feet while remaining plugged into the natural world around you. The ultra comfortable lightweight aggressive sole will have you wondering if you remembered to put your shoes on or not. 

The Performance laces featured on the Elemental Adventure sandals provide ultimate security and longevity on all of your adventures.

ReEarthRunners was created to bring new life to sandals that are in perfectly functional condition. The sandals you receive may be a discontinued model, lightly used return, or feature a cosmetic factory defect, depending on what we have available. Learn more about our process here.

Weight: 5.5 oz  (single sandal, men's 9 / women's 11)

Thickness: 6.5mm base + 1.5mm tread = 8mm

Sole:  Vibram® Gumlite Outsole

Footbed:  None

Laces:  Grounded Conductive Performance Laces

  • 9/16” Wide
  • 1/2" Hydrophobic Polyester Webbing Core
  • 1" Mil-Spec Nylon Reinforcement (Wrapped)
  • Conductive Stainless Steel Thread
  • Copper Ground Plug