About ReEarthRunners Sandal Conditions

ReEarthRunners was created to bring new life to sandals that are in perfectly functional condition, whether they be discontinued models, lightly used returns, or feature a cosmetic factory defect.

Returned –

Sandals that have been returned with signs of wear. Returned sandals are commercially cleaned & sanitized before being re-sold.

Returns (R) may include: slight wear on copper plug, slight wear on outsole, minor footprint on footbed

We perform a two stage cleaning process to all our ReER sandals to ensure the cleanest sanitary sandals possible in their best second life. First we mechanical wash the sandals using a medium-high industrial pressure power washer to remove any debris that is possible with 1500psi. After the sandals have dried we then sanitize them using a commercial ozone unit that runs for 12 hours to serve as an antimicrobial deodorizer.

We then remove any sandals or laces that don't meet our Returns standard of quality (excessive dirt stains, functional flaws, etc) and then reassemble the laces on the sandals back to our factory standard set point, same as all sandals that leave our factory.

Discontinued –

Sandal models or lace varieties that are discontinued. These sandals are Brand New.

Factory Second –

Sandals and Laces that feature a manufacturing defect which does not affect use. These sandals are Brand New. Examples of manufacturing defects include: mis-stitches, bobbin changes, canvas footbed blemishes, miss weaves and wrinkles, imperfect sandal cut shape or sanded edge.