iON SYNC® Sports Jog Tabi
iON SYNC® Sports Jog Tabi
iON SYNC® Sports Jog Tabi
iON SYNC® Sports Jog Tabi
iON SYNC® Sports Jog Tabi
iON SYNC® Sports Jog Tabi
iON SYNC® Sports Jog Tabi
iON SYNC® Sports Jog Tabi

iON SYNC® Sports Jog Tabi


Of all the ancient inspired footwear designs we have tested over the years, no enclosed design has tested higher in overall foot health, freedom and functionality than the ancient tabi shoe design. Given its remarkable reputation, no other shoe seemed more worthy of taking our next step in earthing evolution than the top selling Sports Jog 2 from Marugo, a Japanese tabi footwear company.

Our Ion Sync® Sports Jog Tabi takes an ancient split-toe tabi shoe design and combines it with cutting edge conductive polymer earthing technology resulting in a foot-friendly minimalist shoe to facilitate foot strengthening, reduce foot pain, and keep you grounded.


  • Upper: durable & breathable woven polyester
  • Stack Height: 10mm heel & 6mm forefoot (4mm drop)
  • Outsole: Gummy outsole with 4mm lugs
  • K1 Grounding Port: 4 Ion Sync® earthing plugs
  • Width: Medium
  • Shape: Anatomical design to facilitate toe splay


Tabi (or Jikatabi) are traditional Japanese footwear which feature a split between the big toe and the rest of the toes to promote flexibility and provide extra security, comfort, and stability.

Together with Marugo our Ion Sync® Sports Jog Tabi take this traditional minimalist footwear design and combine it with Ion Sync Earthing plugs to offer a shoes experience that is the next best thing to barefoot.

Our grounded Ion Sync® Sports Jog Tabi Shoes feature 4 conductive rivets per shoe installed in house by our Earth Runners team. Our Ion Sync 1.0 plugs have a conductivity of <100,000 ohms which allows 60hz EMF induced body voltage to drop by 90-97% as compared to standing on the earth (99% body voltage drop).


  • Shoe designed in Japan
  • Made in China
  • Ion Sync® earthing plugs are made of a proprietary conductive polymer.
    Assembled in USA
  • Weight: 257 grams - single shoe (Size 27 cm / M9 W11)
  • Wear with or without socks
  • Washable



Download the Size Guide


23 cm
3.5-4M 5.5-6W 3 36 9" Printer-icon

4.5M 6.5W 3.5 36 9-1/4" Printer-icon

5M 7W 4 37 9-7/16" Printer-icon

5.5M 7.5W 4.5 37.5 9-11/16" Printer-icon

6M 8W 5 38 9-13/16" Printer-icon

6.5-7M 8.5-9W 5.5-6 39 10" Printer-icon

7.5M 9.5W 6.5 40 10-1/4" Printer-icon

8M 10W 7 41 10-7/16" Printer-icon

8.5-9M 10.5-11W 7.5-8 41-42 10-9/16" Printer-icon

9.5M 11.5W 8.5 43 10-3/4" Printer-icon

10M 12W 9 43 11-7/16" Printer-icon

10.5-11.5M 12.5-13.5W 9.5-10 44-44.5 11" Printer-icon

11.5-12.5M 13.5-15.5W 10.5-11.5 45-46 11-7/8" Printer-icon


Our 1 year manufacturer's warranty covers failure of the outsole. This includes functional delamination of the sole or Ion Sync® earthing plugs. To submit a warranty claim, email your receipt and photos of the damage to our customer service team to assess the best means of resolution (repair, gift certificate or replacement).


Are the Ion Sync® earthing plugs watertight?
Yes, all the earthing plugs are compression fit into the outsole making for a solid rubber seal. Also keep in mind the tabi shoes feature fabric between the toes which is the most likely area for moisture infiltration.

Can you feel the Ion Sync® earthing plugs underfoot?
If you feel for the Ion Sync® plugs you can feel them underfoot but after wearing the shoes for a while they go unnoticed.

Will the Ion Sync® earthing plugs wear out?
The Ion Sync® earthing plugs are recessed and sit flush with the outsole tread at the midfoot so they are well protected. Their resilient rubber composition combined with their strategic positioning exposes them to low wear for max longevity. If they do happen to wear out, they can easily be replaced.

How do I determine how my (short/long) toes will fit into the tabi toe pocket?
We recommend everybody to print out the sizing templates in actual size to compare with your foot to confirm the best fit for your unique foot/toe profile.